The founding of the Rivne Brewery dates back to 1949, which was confirmed by historical documents: "Military-Statistical Review of the Russian Empire" in 1850 on the state of industry in the "county town of Rivne". However, the report of the Volyn governor for 1847 was recently found in the CDIA of Ukraine. The appendix "List of factories and plants in the Volyn province" refers to the existence of a brewery. At that time, he produced products worth 990 rubles.
In the 60's - 70's of the XIX century. Czech colonists settled in Volhynia and became the founders of high-quality Volyn hop-growing and brewing. The resettlement of the Czechs resulted in the modernization of breweries (including Rivne), as well as the construction of new plants in Semiduby, Ostroh, Hlynsk, and Kvasyliv. The Czechs have bred a new selection of hops, similar to the best at that time in Europe - reapers. Thanks to the Czechs, the production of hops in the Russian Empire in 1887 - 1914 increased 4 times. Hops have become "green gold" for hop growers and brewers.
At the end of the 19th century, the Bergschloss Steam Brewery Joint Stock Company was established at the Rivne Brewery. The symbols of the trademark were developed, special tall bottles with embossed logos on them were blown out, etc. The controlling stake at that time belonged to wealthy Czechs. In the early 1900s, a controlling stake was bought by an extremely energetic and ambitious man with a comic and philosophical name - GM Pisyuk, a native of Free, industrialist, homeowner, owner of one of the Rivne synagogues, founder of the family business in the field of brewing. The Pisyuk family owned the plant until 1939.
On March 28, 1903, the Rivne City Council granted permission for the reconstruction of the Hersh Meyer Pisyuk brewery at the corner of Shosova and Novakovska streets (modern Soborna and Kopernika streets). On June 3, 1904, the board considered an additional project. Apart from G. Pisyuk's house, which dates back to 1900, most of the plant's buildings were built in 1906-1908. Unlike the buildings built during the Soviet era, these buildings are still in use today.

Bergschloss Brewery declared itself at the international exhibition (1907) in Ostend (Belgium), receiving the "Diploma of the Grand Prize".
On September 30, 1909, the royal decree approved the charter of the Society of Breweries and Alcoholic Yeast Factories "Bergschlos". The initiator of the joint-stock company was GM Pisyuk, the fixed capital of the company amounted to 300,000 rubles, and dividends in 1909-1011. were calculated at the rate of 3% on the capital.
As of 1911, there was one brewery in Rivne. The plant was gaining momentum. In 1913. 116 workers already worked here, there were two malt houses: with manual and machine production. The plant became one of the largest breweries in the Volyn province.
During the First World War, as a result of a ban on the production and sale of alcoholic beverages, the plant experienced financial difficulties.
In 1919-1921 the owners of the plant intended to reconstruct it. September 7, 1922 Bergschlos Brewery received permission from the Polish authorities to produce its products. In 1925. - was rebuilt after the fire. June 10, 1926 The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Poland approved the charter of the joint-stock company "Bergschlos". In the same year, due to the introduction of a full state monopoly, alcohol production was stopped. December 15, 1927 in Lutsk the registration of the "Association of Brewery Owners of Volyn Voivodeship" took place, which included 9 breweries. The main goal of the company was to find a way out of the difficult economic situation in the beer market associated with the global economic crisis. Samuil Pisyuk, director of the Rivne Brewery Bergschlos, was elected chairman and manager of the company's affairs.
During the crisis, the owners of the plant tried to establish trade in their products with Palestine and other countries, even America.
In the late 30's of the twentieth century. Bergschlos Brewery became the most profitable enterprise in Rivne. Its authorized capital in 1937. amounted to 11 million zlotys. The turnover of funds for 1938 with excise duty was: beer in the amount of 783467 zlotys, yeast - 982040 zlotys, lemonade - 42041 zlotys. The brewery presented its products at the Volyn Auctions in a separate pavilion in the Rivne Park of Princes Lubomyrsky (modern - T. Shevchenko). The products of the Bergschlos brand were known throughout Poland.
With the change of power on November 15, 1939, by the decision of the Temporary Committee, the Rivne brewery "Bergschlos" became the property of the state and on November 26 was nationalized. EM Konderev was appointed director of the plant. At that time the territory of the brewery was 13,693 m2. On August 31, 1940, according to the state registration, the brewery was renamed "Pivdrizhkombinat" with the motivation that it is the only one producing yeast in the western Ukrainian regions. According to the inventory from January 1940, the plant needed technical repairs. The number of employees decreased from 117 (in December 1939) to 62 people. The range of products included beer "Zhiguli", "Russian", "Ukrainian" (barrel and bottle), baker's yeast, soft drinks.
Occupying power in 1941 changed the name of the plant to "Brovar № 4". Mykhailo Matkovsky became the manager. The plant was able to produce 30 thousand ch. beer, 4 thousand ch. lemonade, 300 tons of yeast per year. In June 1942, the plant was shut down for conversion. During the repairs, the yeast factory was partially converted to produce alcohol. November 7, 1942 already produced the first 2527 liters of high quality alcohol. During the retreat, the Germans did not destroy the plant.
In 1944. a new stage in the history of Rivne Brewery began, which underwent reorganization changes, however, did not stop the production process. Its products were of high quality and were in demand among the population.
April 7, 1966 The brewery, as the main enterprise of the region in its profile, together with other breweries (Semidubsky, Kvasylivsky, Myrogoshchansky, Vovkovyivsky) became a part of the Rivne production association of the brewing and non-alcoholic industry.
In the first years of Independent Ukraine, Rivne Brewery revived the historic beer brand "Bergschloss". In 2005 the company became an open joint-stock company "Level". Since 2012, it has been renamed into Rivne LTD LLC.
The activities of a modern enterprise are: brewing, production of soft drinks, mineral water and wholesale of beverages.